Dedication and Discipline

Reinforce my emotional management
with cane and with crop

With the point of your finger
to my knees i will drop

On the edge i will linger
until Mistress is ready

While She ponders Her choice
i must remain quiet and steady

i must beg for discipline
while collared and kneeling

While trying not to stare
at Her beauty so appealing

Those Breasts; those Legs; those Feet
to kiss or lick ... ooh such a treat

i beg You ... please
say only Yes ... never nix

For my Queen always knows
what Her slave aches to Lick

It's the ultimate act of total submission
allow it once ... it will become tradition

Ownership and control is essential
for Mistress to properly test my tensile

To play with dickie johnson I cannot
until permission is granted by Mistress so Hot

Now that it's done and in writing
i await Her response most severe and biting