What Would It Be Like To Be At Her Disposal?

Inspired by and dedicated to Mistress Rattan


In restless sleep he lies, a recurring fantasy consumes his mind,
He would love to be Mistress Rattan's slave, of the 24/7 kind.

What would it be like, to submit to Her complete control?
To follow all Her orders, would be the purpose of his role.

To perform his given duties, and be at Her beck and call,
He would serve and please this Mistress, sexy, lean and tall.

To be at Her disposal, would be his fantasy you see,
What would a day be like; he can only dream how it might be.


He sleeps inside Her shoe closet, with a foot mat as his bed,
Her laundry inside a pillow sheet, serves as a cushion for his head.

Her footwear does surround him, like guards while he does rest,
Waiting for the moment when, he licks them clean with zest.

He sleeps completely naked, with a cage around his gender,
A chastity device, to contain and control his member.

The device is electronic, with a hand held remote control,
She takes much pleasure using it, to torment his captive pole.

It serves to remind slave Jack, of his place as he does cower,
On the floor never knowing, when She might unleash the power.

She has deemed 6:00 am, as plenty of time for him to sleep,
He knows the time is coming, when his crotch begins to beep.

When the chastity device starts humming, he is jolted wide-awake,
As voltage zaps his member, with shocks that make him shake.

The pain he does receive, makes him rise up from the ground,
And persists until he stands, so he knows not to lie around.

His first duty is Her footwear, to clean, shine and maintain,
If it fails Her strict inspection, he will feel the fury of Her cane.

Once he has completed, the maintenance of Her shoes,
He proceeds to prepare his body, for Her alone to use.

She has him in a program, lasting till the hour of eight,
With a variety of routines, to control and maintain his weight.

Using treadmill, bike and weights, he does labour in the gym,
For Mistress wants her slave, to be in shape, fit and trim.

She loves to increase his levels, reps, durations and lengths,
In order to hone his body, stamina, flexibility and strengths.

When his training is complete, he shaves and showers clean,
For She definitely does insist, on good grooming and hygiene.

Now begin his silent duties, he cleans, dusts, mops and sweeps,
For he must be very quite, not to disturb Her while She sleeps.

As he carries out his duties, he starts the breakfast preparation,
From the meal plan She has chosen, for the morning situation.


Somewhere around 9:00 am, he receives another jolt,
Mistress Rattan is now awake, so quickly he does bolt.

To Her bedroom he does rush, and as he nears the door,
Drops to his hands and knees, crawling to Her on the floor.

She is a total beauty, which he helplessly admires,
With a hot curvaceous body, that does play with his desires.

Her exotic feminine features, with skin so soft and fair,
Are topped off by a mane, of long flowing golden hair.

With a stern but angelic face, that belies a sadistic streak,
She instils in him a fear, which keeps him rather meek.

She has long and slender legs, delicate feet with candy toes,
An exquisite derriere, and large breasts shaped just like globes.

With legs spread slightly open, She lays sprawled out on the sheets,
And motions for the kissing ritual, beginning with Her feet.

He moves quickly to Her toes, then each foot and up each leg,
Stopping at Her private treasure, at which point he knows to beg.

To kiss the Rattan treasure, is a privilege to say the least,
But to partake of Her cream nectar, would truly be a feast..

He is brought back to his senses, with a slap across the face,
"Have patience My eager slave, this is not the time or place."

"This duty will come later, to pleasure My sacred spot,
But you better be prepared, I will expect it quite a lot."

She smiles to Herself, knowing She has trained him well,
But can he satisfy Her demands, only time will tell.

He continues up Her body, to Her breasts and nipple peaks,
Then She turns Her body over, and presents Her bottom cheeks.

He pays them much attention; they are his favourite treat,
As he worships them with kisses, never missing a single beat.


She eventually sits up, and gently strokes his eager face,
And orders him to kneel, where he takes his rightful place.

"On all fours My ponyboy, so that I can mount your back,"
She positions Herself on top, and then gives his butt a whack.

To the bathroom She will ride him, for some immediate relief,
He will carry Her there quickly, as he struggles from beneath.

As She goes about Her business, he draws Her morning bath,
Tidies up Her bedroom chambers, then traces back his path.

He helps Her in the tub, and bathes Her perfect figure,
With soaps and body oils, then shampoos Her hair with vigour.

He rinses Her completely, while She relaxes in the tub,
Massages both Her feet, then performs a body rub.

As She soaks inside the bath, he visits Her closet lair,
Pulls out selected clothing, and lays them neatly on a chair.

He rushes back to greet Her, with towels warm and soft,
Dries Her off completely, while She prepares to mount Her loft.

She rides him to the bedroom, for it is time to dress,
And smiles as She sees, he has tidied the bedroom mess.

"Bring My clothing over, a bra, a thong and shoes,
And a pair of sheer black stay ups, that I intend to wear and use."

"Don't forget to bring My house robe, I will be lounging in all day,
Bring everything here quickly, let's get the morning underway."

To dress Her before breakfast, he does favour quite a lot,
For the Mistress has a body, that is sexy, sweet and hot.

He takes his usual place, at Her feet with thong in hand,
She steps into the leg holes, as he opens the waistband.

As he slides them up in place, he inhales her fragrant essence,
Next comes Her lacy bra, which Her breasts fill up with presence.

Her stay ups are quite tricky, to slip over Her long limbs,
By the time he does this task, he would worship Her at whim.

He gently slips Her shoes, on Her nylon covered feet,
Then presents Her with his back, so he can carry Her to eat.

She lifts his head up firmly, and gently slaps his face,
Puts a collar on his neck, and buckles it in place.

She rises from the bed, and takes position on his back,
Clips a leash onto his collar, then his bottom She does smack.

"To breakfast My ponyboy," and She guides him on his course,
From the bedroom to the kitchen, She does ride him like a horse.

To the table he will bring Her, right to Her breakfast seat,
Then scramble to the counter, to fetch what She will eat.

He serves Her morning breakfast, as quick as he is able,
Then drops onto the floor, and takes his place under the table.

Foot worship is the rule, while She enjoys Her morning meal,
So he slides towards Her feet, and commences his ordeal.

She converses with Her slaveboy, while at Her feet he plays,
Discussing news events, and giving instructions for the day.

Reminding him of duties, while he worships at Her feet.
She sometime asks him questions, and listens while She eats,

When finished with Her breakfast, She sets the plates aside,
Gets comfortable in Her chair, with legs spread open wide.

Foot worship makes Her moist, so She pulls Her feet away,
And makes him take his place, for Her first climax of the day.

After She is satisfied, She firmly taps his head,
He stops his licking motion, and gives thanks for being fed.

She snaps Her fingers sharply, and Her feminine spot he kisses,
Then gets up off the floor, and proceeds to wash the dishes.

He tidies up the kitchen, then continues with his chores,
Laundry, ironing and errands, as well as vacuuming the floors.


She spends the morning reading, first the paper than a book,
Keeping tabs on slaveboy Jack, as he prepares Her lunch to cook.

The lunch routine is similar, to the morning breakfast ritual,
With preselected courses, as is typically habitual.

Again he takes his place, under the table while She eats,
Performing his fond task, of worshipping Her feet.

When She is done with lunch, it is off to Her favourite chair,
Located in the parlour, as She prepares to spend time there.

He goes about his duties, as She watches various shows,
Not knowing when he will be zapped, to come and paint Her toes.

She watches some TV, and calls up some Mistress friends,
As She lounges in Her chair, on the phone for time on end.

The jolt comes unexpected, he responds quickly to Her call,
"Bring Me a healthy snack, and a drink in a glass that's tall."

He prepares Her requested order, and returns to quite the shock,
With Mistress standing upright, looking stern and about to talk.

"Go fetch My bag of goodies, as I feel like playing games,
With someone in this room, who I expect to break and tame."

He does as he is told, and returns with bag in hand,
She makes him face the wall, looking down as he does stand.

Both his wrist She grabs, and cuffs them behind his back,
Does the same to both his ankles, then strokes his bundled sack.

She tells him to sit down, with his back to Her recliner,
Places his head upon the seat, facing up, what could be finer.

She lowers all Her weight, on Her slaveboy's anxious face,
Then sits upon Her chair, as She smothers him bound in place.

He struggles for some air, trying hard to gain some leverage,
As She sits without a care, while enjoying Her cold beverage.

She sits there for an hour, eats Her snack and views the tube,
Then decides that She is ready, for an afternoon of lick and lube.

She raises Herself slowly, as he sucks in gulps of air,
Lifting Her slave cushion, as She grabs him by the hair.

She positions Her bound slave, on his knees facing Her chair,
Then sits upon Her throne, legs spread wide as he does stare.

"You are here for My full pleasure," She says with a wicked smile,
"Start worshipping My treasure, you will be there for a while."

He leans forward with his face, to begin servicing his Queen,
First Her soft inner thighs, then the treasure inbetween.

As he struggles on his knees, with cuffed hands behind his back,
He cannot maintain his balance, and falls face first into Her crack.

She moans with Her approval, as he laps gently at Her lips,
With his face sealed tightly in, She rocks slowly with Her hips.

He struggles hard to breathe, but he dares not stop or waiver,
In fear that She will punish him, for insubordinate behaviour.

He quickens fast his pace, as he continues to massage Her,
In hopes that he will trigger, Her fulfillment that much faster.

As She becomes aroused, Her bucking mounts against his face,
At this point he is trained, to increase his licking pace.

She breathes a heavy moan, such a beautiful feminine sound,
That motivates his tongue, as he kneels there on the ground.

She suddenly becomes still, Her bucking takes a sudden pause,
Then Her body starts to shudder, with vigour and due cause.

She has several spasms, which he knows to be the peak,
Of a shattering explosion, then Her body goes quite weak.

He tries to free his head, for he thinks that he is done,
But She pulls him right back in, for Her fun has just begun.

"You will continue with My pleasure, until or otherwise told,
Then I will release you, from My scissoring head hold."

He works on Her for hours, or so it seems at least to him,
For his body hurts all over, from his tongue to aching limbs.

When She is fully satisfied, She pushes him away,
Examines his captive member, locked up and held at bay.

Release for slaveboy Jack, is Her decision alone to make,
She will tease his hard erection, but deny it's final quake.

He begs Her for release, but She answers with a "No,"
She says, "A satisfied slave, will get lazy, soft and slow."

Never will he ask Her twice, he knows She is his Boss,
He must go without release, till She allows his quake to toss.

She releases him from his bonds, and sends him on his way,
To continue with his duties, and prepare dinner for the day.


He goes into the kitchen, and pulls out the ingredients,
To prepare Her dinner choices, he must become expedient.

With speed and creativity, he prepares Her many dishes,
And once everything is ready, he rushes to his Mistress.

She rides him to the dinning room, and takes Her usual seat,
Then he heads back to the kitchen, and brings Her food to eat.

He serves Her all the courses, then drops down on all fours,
Crawls underneath the table, to continue with his chores.

He receives a playful kick, as he starts to kiss Her feet,
"I have plans for you My slave, which I'm sure will be a treat."

He is nervous as he worships, not knowing what's to come,
Will he get a thorough spanking, or get smothered by Her bum.

"Let us move into the bedroom, you can clean this mess up later,
When you are under My domain, it is to Me that you must cater."

He struggles with Her body, as She proceeds to ride him fast,
With muscles getting tired, he doesn't know if he will last.

As he enters in the bedroom, he comes to a sudden stop,
Then collapses on the floor, with Mistress landing soft on top.

"I must increase your levels, while in the gym you train.
For this display of weakness, will not happen once again."

She is not pleased at all, with this type of bad behaviour,
He must be punished for this act, in typical Rattan flavour.

She requests Her favourite cane, "Get it quick and on the double,"
Her commanding tone of voice, clearly means he is in trouble.

"Assume position OTK," She said sitting down on a chair,
On Her lap he quickly bends, with butt facing up in the air.

Gently rubbing his bottom, She looks at him with a smile,
"Are you ready to be punished, for an agonizing while?"

Her cane strikes hard and firm, every five seconds fast,
With sixty strokes delivered, his punishment ends at last.

She teases him by saying, "Your butt looks rosy red,
I will give you more tomorrow, now go lie on the bed."

He climbs onto the bed, and thanks Her for taking time,
To punish him when he falters, or steps wrongly out of line.

She orders him on his back, then cuffs his ankles and wrists,
Tightly She stretches him out, as he struggles to resist.

Once She has him secure, bound in a spread eagle condition,
She straddles his helpless form, and takes the queening position.

She slowly lowers Her bottom, and prepares to drop it in place,
Directly over Her slaveboy, as She comfortably sits on his face.

She puts a pillow behind Her, and sits on his face in reverse,
With legs fully extended, She allows her weight to disperse.

She moves around on his face, in different positions She sits,
Forward, reverse, full weight and more, until She finds the best fit.

She remains on his face for a while, as per Her plan for the night,
Watching him struggle to breathe, as he tries to put up a fight.

She takes delight as he labours, although there is simply no way,
For him to escape Her soft prison, under Her butt he will stay.

She enjoys the control and power, as She contemplates his fate,
He inhales Her sweet aroma, as he suffocates under Her weight.

The smothering game concludes, he has had his dosage of fun,
Evening is passing by quickly; there is still much work to be done.


A bath, massage and pedicure, with a nightcap or possibly tea,
Is what She expects to have, when She finally sets him free.

He thanks Her for the treatment, as he puts away Her toys,
Being smothered by his Mistress, is something he truly enjoys.

He draws Her evening bath, and bubbles it with lotions,
Removes Her bra and thong, and stay ups when She motions.

In his mouth She stuffs them, Her thong and stay up hose,
Restricting his air passage, only through his nose.

"You will keep them in your mouth, for as long as I do say,
Now get Me a warm cocktail, and hurry back this way."

He brings Her to the tub, helps Her step into the foam,
Then dims the bathroom lights, and leaves Her there alone.

He heads into the kitchen, to prepare a cocktail mixture,
Returns with drink in hand, and sets it on a fixture.

With gentle hands he bathes, soaping Her tanned body,
She relaxes as he does so, while sipping Her hot toddy.

Never will he rush Her, as She lies inside the water,
Adding heat into the mixture, if she wants it slightly hotter.

When told he dries Her off, and brings Her to a chair,
Props Her feet upon a stool, for a pedicure and foot care.

He scrubs Her feet with lotions, to make Her soles feel moist,
Then paints Her filed toenails, the colour of Her choice.

He leaves Her nails to dry, lighting candles for the mood,
And raises the heat setting, as She lies there in the nude.

He adds music to the ambience, instrumental with no singers,
Then he cover Her midsection, as he manicures Her fingers,

"French polish" She instructs, as he dries Her soaking hands,
He opens up his nail kit, pulling out the sticky bands.

He paints Her fingernails, as precise as he is able,
Then leaves Her hands to dry, and sets up the parlour table.

She takes Her place upon the table, made special for massages,
He spreads some lotion on Her skin, and begins the effleurages.

He massages Her from head to toe, caressing every spot,
Then works the toxins from Her skin, and softens up the knots.

When he is complete, She will relax and meditate,
So he covers Her warm body, and leaves Her in this state.

He makes Her bed with satin sheets, and puffs the pillows soft,
Gently lifts Her from the table, and brings Her to the loft.

He thinks that he is finished, and can retire for the night,
But She reminds him of some things, which are a major oversight.

"You have duties in the kitchen, that are not yet quite complete,
I expect to find that room, looking spotless, clean and neat."

While kneeling at Her bedside, he mumbles through his gag,
She removes the thong and stockings, and puts them in a bag.

"When I wake up in the morning, make sure My laundry's done,
Or My cane will pay a visit, to your tender burning buns."

She strokes his throbbing member; it looks ready to explode,
"If you are good tomorrow, I might release that captive load."

"There is no release for now, I will sleep on it tonight,
Away My bottled slaveboy, sleep sound, secure and tight."

"I plan to go to sleep now, you can tuck Me in My sweet,"
And he kisses Her good night, from his position at Her feet.

"Thank-you Mistress for Your guidance, I live to serve You well,
Sweet dreams until the morning, if You need me zap my swell."

He completes his final duties, then slowly makes his way,
To his bedroom in a closet, and prepares for another day.

He's been up for 18 hours; She has worked him to the bone,
Dropping exhausted on his foot mat, he lets out a tired groan.

As he falls into deep slumber, he is jolted wide-awake,
His eyes open in confusion; there must be some mistake.

It happens more than once, he receives another jolt,
He rises quickly from the floor, and to Her room he bolts.

As He crawls into Her bedroom, She stops him at the door,
"I have a guest coming tomorrow, be prepared to wake at four."

"I want all your given duties, complete by half past nine,
You must train, wash, dust and clean, I expect this place to shine."

"When My Lady friend arrives, be prepared to rush and scamper,
You will be busy with not one, but two Mistresses to pamper."

"As you are with Me, treat Her kind and with respect,
You will worship Her when told, for this She will expect."

"Our demands will be many, you must service two not one,
For the time that She is here, you'll be under both Our thumbs."


He can't imagine what to do, with two Mistresses to please,
So he heads back to the closet, slowly crawling on his knees.

He ponders his strange fate, as he lies curled up on the floor,
Is this really what it's like? Can he handle that much more?

He will try his very best; to serve his Mistress is the deal,
But he wonders to himself, is this a dream or is it real?

He is sound asleep in minutes, and quickly starts to dream,
To be at Mistress Rattan's disposal, how would it truly seem?