Resolution Programs
let me help you keep those resolutions from being broken
Do you lack the energy to change? Can't you stop smoking, lose that weight, write that book, break that habit, or stop with that swearing? Do you long for the old days when mommy made you do it? Have you lost that excitement of danger that you might get caught and strapped? Would you like to replace failure and ennui with success and adventure? Mistress will be that good woman you need behind you to succeed.

resolution day
We will make a plan for your self-improvement and I will measure your success. I will quite literally whip you into shape! Once a month you will account for your progress and be judged by me, and I will be ruthlessly demanding. You will be spanked, strapped and whipped just like you so desperately need and so frantically want. I'll be on your ass once a month and on your shoulder all the time. Let Mistress help you. It's exciting. It's fun. It's productive. Call me and we'll implement a plan just for you. Mine will be a lasting impression!