Inspired by and dedicated to Mistress Rattan

Who is this worldly Woman,
This Mistress that's gone global,
Are you ready to enter Her world,
Of domination that is total?

A demanding and strict Disciplinarian,
Is what She claims to be,
A corporal fix for the corporate world,
Is Her philosophy.

She is tall, slim and attractive,
A blond Goddess in every which way,
Words cannot do Her justice,
To see Her will blow you away.

Corporal discipline play,
Her unique treatment and specialty,
Is a therapy you will experience,
While bent over across Her knee.

She is skilled in many methods,
Of administering Her prescription,
Spanking, strapping and caning
Are Her various modes of infliction.

Caning is by far Her favorite,
She has a wicked and accurate swing,
As you receive Her punishing reed strokes,
Your bottom will tremble and sting.

But She has so much more to offer,

As you will surely come to discover,
When you submit to Mistress Rattan,
Be prepared to beg and suffer.

She will amaze you with Her unique style,
And creative imagination,
As She takes you beyond your limits,
To the brink of anticipation.

You will be captivated by Her vision,
A Goddess by true reflection,
Exotic beauty and sophistication,
Endowed with physical perfection.

She may wear seductive attire,
Like lingerie that is sexy and slight,
Panties with nylon stockings,
A stunning and marvelous sight.

Be it soft supple black leather,
Or latex that is shiny and white,
Whatever She decides to put on,
Will be an erotic and visual delight.

She fills what She wears with such presence,
Breasts overflowing up top,
Buns shape Her panties with purpose,
And the legs in Her hose never stop.

Her feet are poetry in motion,

When She dangles Her shoe with Her toes,
A sign that you just might be worthy,
To worship and pamper Her soles.

To worship Her feet is a privilege,
An act that She truly enjoys,
If feet are of your persuasion,
She may use you as one of Her toys.

Be prepared for the pampering ritual,
Massage and affection to each,
She will expect total commitment,
When you pleasure Her sensual feet.

If role-playing is one of your fantasies,
She can surely develop a scene,
But whatever the cast and setting,
You will always be a slave to this Queen.

She may saddle you up for a session,
And train you in some hard pony play,
Bareback or with other equipment,
You will be broken when ridden this way.

You may engage in a wrestling duel,
Be prepared for this Mistress can fight,
If She pins you in a head scissor position,
Just give in and admire the sight.

She may subject you to forms of bondage,

Leaving Her in total control,
As She dominates you completely,
While you adapt to your new captive role.

You will beg and plead for Her mercy,
Music to Her delicate ears,
As She overloads all of your senses,
And exposes your innermost fears.

If She tires of hearing you struggle,
She may silence your mouth with a gag,
But the ultimate form of restriction,
Is your head in a tight hooded bag.

While bound and gagged you remain,
Helpless and possibly numb,
She may decide to make use of your face,
As a cushion for Her heavenly bum.

Face sitting is a smothering art form,
Which She manipulates creatively,
With various positions and pressures,
Of breathless intensity.

The fusion of face and bottom,
She has mastered exceptionally well,
While She smothers Her captive canvas,
Your head will harden and swell.

Tease and denial is an assurance,

While you exist within Her domain,
But release is by permission only,
To defy Her would be truly insane.

If you ignore Her rule on eruption,
And react on impulsion instead,
CBT may then be required,
To control your undisciplined head.

Humiliation and submission are certain,
But there are other surprises in store,
She may replace the gag in your mouth,
With a model for two to explore.

A double ended gag strap-on,
She may stuff and secure in it's place,
One to silence your mouth hole,
While the other sticks out from your face.

The purpose of this degradation,
Is quite simply a personal measure,
Using your face as a play toy,
She may mount the gag strap-on for pleasure.

As She rides to Her satisfaction,
While seated on this queening invention,
Whatever lies under the Mistress,
Is for Her dedicated use and attention.

If you are thinking of getting lucky,
Wipe the thought from your delusional mind,
Or Mistress Rattan may fasten Her strap-on,
And invade your sorry behind.

When She is done it is into the other,
Strap-on play is a two-hole affair,
An oral affront will be the intrusion,
As She guides your forced stroking with care.

If satisfied with your resilience,
She may suggest to double the fun,
A session with two Disciplinarians,
Will enhance the experience by one.

All this and a resolution program,
To shape you and keep you in line,
What more can Mistress Rattan offer,
To those so submissively inclined.

She has been labeled a notable dominatrix,
A distinction worthy only to some,
If you want to experience a Mistress,
Then Rattan is the ultimate One.