A corporal fix for a corporate world.canes

Whether your desire to receive corporal chastisement is linked to some genuine personal fault or failure requiring appropriate expiation, or that your need is motivated by some deeply cherished private submissive fantasy... a role play scenario involving a school mistress, governess, parent/guardian, therapist, etc.... I have the means, interest and skill to turn your disciplinarian dreams into resounding reality.

At the heart of the unique 'treatment' I offer, is an emphasis on ritual. It dictates not only the manner, method and mode of inflictions administered but also the accompanying dialogue----its substance and idiom----as also the overall ambience. After all, this is an activity whose verbal component is as crucial and significant to effective therapy as is the visual or tactile. For this reason I am specifically interested in hearing from those individuals with a refined, imaginative, cultivated taste for the subtle exquisite nuances of corporal discipline play. While I am not disinclined to meeting with beginners for whom simple otk spanking may be all they seek or perhaps need, my preference is for the adventurous seasoned devotee of the full ritual prescription of spanking, strapping and caning (my favourite).