Twas the day of the session

(not the night before Christmas)
T'was the day of the session as Jack entered her place,
He was nervous and tense and it showed on his face.
His jaw hit the floor as he stood there in awe,
For he could not believe the sight that he saw.
She was a Mistress of beauty with long golden hair,
And a statuesque body with a killer derriere.
She smiled and said you have nothing to fear,
Then extended her hand and said come this way my dear.
She told him to strip and remove all his clothes,
Then examined his body from his head to his toes.
With his clothing removed and folded with care,
He now stood in the room completely naked and bare.
She said sit on the couch I'll be back in a snap,
So he sat in the buff with his hands on his lap.
As he sat on the couch in the buff all alone,
His mind drifted and daydreamed of scenes still unknown.
He pictured himself bound spread on her bed,
As visions of face sitting dancing through his head.
When out in the hallway he heard a soft patter,
He turned from the couch to see what was the matter.
His eyes opened wide as her shadow drew near,
And his member grew hard from excitement and fear.
When at last to his wonder she did reappear,
An amazon goddess wearing garments so dear.
She was dressed all in black from her toes to her chest,
With a silky smooth corset that contained her plump breasts.
Her panties were thin, see through and slight,
Caressing her buns of flesh firm and white.
Her legs long and lean, well defined, full of might,
Clad in stockings of sheer that hugged them just right.
On her feet she wore pumps of the extra high style,
That made her stand tall as he gazed up all the while.
Her eyes had a twinkle with a soft wicked glare,
As he stood in her presence, all he could do was stare.
Her lips full and red, quite a sight to admire,
With a devilish smile that did set him on fire.
He was eager to start, not a minute to waste,
She said just be patient, you will soon get a taste.
She said I'm your Mistress, so you better behave,
Cause from this moment forward, you are my slave.
He fell to the floor, not your typical man,
But a wanna be slave to Mistress Rattan.
She presented her feet and ordered they be kissed,
But warned him that not a spot should be missed.
He worshipped her feet and sucked each of her toes,
As she spanked his soft bottom with quick stinging blows.
Next came her butt to be worshipped and kissed,
If he did not perform, she would surely be pissed.
It was time to move on so she gave him a whack,
Told him to heel, then she mounted his back.
To the bedroom she said, and make it quick as a flash,
Then she whacked his bum hard and he started to dash.
He trotted as fast as he could to the bed,
With she on his back and her legs draped round his head.
She dismounted her ride and said with a grin,
Up on to the bed so that we may begin.
Both his hands and his feet she bound with soft cuffs,
Then secured them to the bed, as he lay in the buff.
She admired her slave boy tied spread on his back,
Then went to the closet and brought out her pack,
She reached into the bag and pulled out a toy,
With wicked intention to use and employ.
It was a  pantyhose gag to muffle his voice,
Not that he was going to have any choice.
The pantyhose gag in his mouth she did place,
Then secured it with duct tape right onto his face.
She jumped on the bed with quickness and speed,
Then straddled his body as he attempted to plead.
She lowered Her bottom and put it in place,
Then smiled at him as she sat on his face.
Her cheeks did engulf his head all around,
Which kept him from breathing or making a sound.
He could not believe the pressure and weight,
That he was experiencing, on this first session date.
She bounced and she wiggled, also squeezing and rocking,
And laughed, teased and mocked him, while controlling the talking.
You are now mine, my seat cushion slave,
So you better be good and not misbehave.
She remained on his face, and there she would stay,
Jack struggled to breath, but there was simply no way.
She loved the control, the power she savoured,
And was highly amused as he struggled and laboured.
Although he fought hard, the straps held his limbs tight,
While the pantyhose gag kept quiet his fight.
Just when he thought he would surely pass out,
She lifted her butt from his face and his snout.
He wheezed and he gasped as he sucked in some air,
Before she could sit back down on Jack chair.
She used and abused her new face sitting toy,
But for him she was certain, it was absolute joy.
Are you ready for more, I could sit for a week,
But the gag in his mouth would not allow him to speak.
She sat right back down with her butt on his face,
And continued the session at a leisurely pace.
She allowed him to breath every once in a while,
Cause she could not subject him to total denial.
When the session was over, she sat on his chest,
Unbuckled the straps and allowed him to rest.
As he lay on the bed, exhausted and spent,
He could not believe how fast time had went.
As he got dressed, he proceeded to say,
You were truly amazing, I wish I could stay.
She said you'll be back, the fun's just begun,
There will be many more sessions, not only this one.
He thanked her again with a hug and a kiss,
She was incredible, the session true bliss.
She gave him a hug and sent him away,
To daydream about his experience that day.
And as he walked out, he bid her good cheer,
Best wishes for Christmas, and have a happy New Year