(Inspired by and dedicated to Mistress Rattan)

M is for MISTRESS RATTAN, assertive, strong and tall,
You will grovel at Her feet, feeling insignificant and small.

I is for INTIMIDATED, how you feel while in Her presence,
As She dominates your being, and captivates your senses.

S is for SUPERIOR, which She is in every way,
Be respectful to Her always, and do everything She does say.

T is for TRAINING, a process to meet Her measures,
She will teach you to be obedient, and responsive to Her pleasures.

R is for RESTRAINTS, that secure you bound in place,
As this Dominant “Lady of Leisure” sits comfortably on your face.

E is for EXOTIC, this worldly Mistress that’s “gone global,”
With Her beauty, body and mind, She is the package that is total.

S is for SURRENDER,to Her absolute control,
As you cater to Her wishes, and assume the submissive role.

S is for SMOTHER, as She sits upon your face,
Making you Her comfy cushion, as She keeps you pinned in place.

R is for RATTAN, a Mistress both in name and type of cane,
When She uses the latter on your bottom, be prepared to feel the pain.

A is for ATTENTION, that She expects while in Her presence,
As you worship Her firm body, and inhale Her fragrant essence.

T is for TORMENTED, how you feel while being teased,
As She toys with your senses, controlling if and when you breathe.

T is for TREASURE, Her sacred triangle with cream nectar,
You will beg, but never be worthy, to service Her forbidden sector.

A is for ALWAYS ready, to be at Her beck and call,
As you strive to please this Mistress, sexy, lean and tall.

N is for “NOTABLE DOMINATRIX”, that’s “what’s in a name,”
Once you experience Mistress Rattan, you will never be the same.